Happy New Year!

A huge welcome back to all the children this week.   We have worked on learning the positions of the letters in the alphabet and started our new  history of toys  topic this week.  Why is the Wii more fun than Grandma and Grandpa’s old toys?

During gymnastics we have been learning all about how we move using  our points and patches.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Jones

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Christmas 2017

What a lovely week this week!  We have had a  full timetable  of craft making, learning rainbow number  bonds, writing a lovely Christmas story and making chocolate reindeers!

Have the most wonderful Christmas and see you in 2018!

Mrs Jones and Mrs Efstathiou x






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We are fami fami family!

As a class we have been working hard to learn about friendship and today we created a big paper-chain to show we are  not just friends , we are one big family.

In the words of the class ” Its a massive friendship bracelet!”



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Painting the non messy way!

We all enjoyed  creating  our own Stickman  pictures using Microsoft paint in computing today.

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Homework 14th December 2017.

To brighten up our classroom in the last week of school,  your homework is to make a Christmas decoration to hang up in the classroom.  It can be any decoration you like using any material  you like.



Mrs Jones

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English and Science Homework 6th December 2017

Hi everyone,

Homework this week will be a Science and Phonics based one.  Click the link below and play this interactive game, can you name the different body parts?


This week  we would  also like you to play some games on The Phonics play website .

The first game is called pick a picture and is a good game to practice blending sounds and work on memory skills.

The  second game is called sentence substitution whereby you read a sentence and then click and drag new words to make a new sentence.

Mrs Efstathiou’s and Mrs Jones’ phonics groups are working with phase 3 and Miss Ali’s group are working with phase 3 and phase 5a.

Click on the links below to play.





The Year 1 Team

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A Friday Treat!

This weeks tremendous efforts were rewarded with a trip to  see  Peter and the Wolf at the Edge Theatre.    The Goblin Theatre Company   amazed us with their interactive and musical show.   It   certainly opened our eyes to the possibility of a kind vegan wolf right here in Chorlton!

Thank you to all your kind offers for help and those that came on the trip today.   We hope you enjoyed it too!

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A Christmas Toy Story.

I am super duper proud of everyone in Year 1B this week.  You worked so hard to learn your song lyrics  and  dance moves and WOW what a performance!!     Well Done !

A huge thank you to the grown ups too  for helping create the most spectacular costumes!

Here are some of the class as they waited in anticipation to perform for you.

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Lest We Forget

On Friday we learnt about Remembrance Day. We  used apples and carrots to print our wonderful Flanders Fields.  This picture shows all of Year 1 and their beautiful creations.

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Maths Homework

Maths homework for this week is focusing on subtraction.  We have been working through lots of methods to help us.

We have used crossing out, part whole diagrams and  jumping back on  number lines.


Click the link below to play the subtraction game.


Mrs Jones



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